We started in a small kitchen just
making treats for us and our daughter. As time went on our friends
and family started to fall in love with the treats that we would
make. We started making treats for small parties, and holiday events.
Our cupcakes and other baked goods soon became a hit with everyone.
It wasn’t long before we started to think of opening a little shop
for what we do. It took us about a year to think of what we wanted to
do with the shop and then it hit us. People love our cupcakes, so we
would open a cakery. We don’t bother with bagels, breads, and
donuts. We make baked goods that you can find at home. We are an
online cakery and we deliver from Hood River to the Biggs area and
all places in between. We also delver into Dallesport. If you would
like to know if you are in an area of delivery then please call us or
email us and we will let you know. Our site as you might see does not
have prices on what we make, so if you have any questions feel free
to ask.




Sweet Ladybug Treats